Lisa Liesmann

Let's wind back 30 or so years ... Lisa started her career in the wedding industry as the owner and editor for Perth Bride Magazine and styled/art directed numerous photo shoots working alongside many of the photography greats.

Having mastered the art of professional hair & makeup styling (especially natural looking styling) and running her Making Faces styling service in Western Australia, Lisa went on to become a qualified florist when she moved to Melbourne 10 years ago (she is still Event Florist to The Hotel Windsor in Melbourne).

Arguably the most personal journey for Lisa has been her connection to the art of photography and capturing the real essence of whatever she is photographing.  For her wedding work, Lisa immerses herself into the connection of every couple and what makes their union special.  The little things that happen on their wedding day that really makes it their wedding day magical.  Her wedding images are especially close to her heart and something her couples have shared 'exceed their dreams and expectations'.

Lisa  17.jpg