Benefits of Having Wedding Photographer Who's Also A Stylist

A wedding photographer is a super important part of your wedding day. You will spend the largest portion of time with who you hire as your photographer and in addition to being able to capture your wedding day story, your photographer needs to be easy to get along with!

Imagine having a professional stylist along for your photographic journey too! It's not a common thing, however if you can find a professional wedding photographer who is also an experience hair/makeup/wedding stylist, then you really hit the jackpot.

Three Key Benefits of having a wedding photographer who's also a stylist are Gown placement, hair/makeup awareness and knowledge of posing


This is a stylist's prime job on a bride magazine shoot. The fitting of a gown on a bride and how the gown is placed each time a bride is positioned for a formal 'set up' picture is key to a great resulting image. Knowing how a gown looks best only comes from experience. Having experience as a stylist on wedding magazines and assisting models into gowns for catwalks definitely provides a huge bonus for you as a bride. Your gown will always be fitted as it would be at the last bridal fitting and each time you're placed into a set-up picture a stylist will critique your gown to ensure it looks it's best. A train will be fluffed, any flattening of the layers underneath done, nothing goes unnoticed with a stylist!


Blotting paper, lip colour, extra bobby pins, these will all be found in the camera kit and are a key benefit of having a wedding photographer who's also a stylist. Rather than you being left to your own devices when your makeup and hair stylists leave, you have your stylist with you for the entire photographic shoot! How great is that!! Some of the coverages will even include a hair/makeup touch up service for the bridal party just before you walk into the reception. This is the next level of care by your photographer and can only happen when your photographer is also a professional stylist.


Our last benefit being mentioned here in our blog is the importance of knowing how to offer gentle photographic direction. Coming from a stylist perspective will make sure your gown looks great by placement and posing. Experience gained from working with models on magazine editorials provide stylists with a great edge on working with brides to ensure beautiful lines are created for images. The posing doesn't have to be all that obvious either... a stylist generally talks gently to her bride whilst adjusting her gown or touching up another area of styling about how she can pose for the camera. Gentle direction from a stylist tends to come across a little less intimidating and more of a friendly suggestion :)

You have reassurance that you have someone with you for the entire wedding photographic coverage who will make sure you look your absolute best. The benefit of having a wedding photographer who's also a stylist is simply the best on a wedding day. A photographer who is also a stylist is GOLD. They will really care about how you look and can fix anything that needs a little touch up here and there throughout the shoot!

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