What Do We Do As A Bridesmaid?

On a wedding day being asked to be a bridesmaid is a great honour. YOU are one of the few selected special people that your bride wants to have by her side experiencing her wedding day up front and in person. But what is that we can do as bridesmaids to really offer value and ensure our bride enjoys the best wedding day possible?


A morning getting ready for a bride and her party is one of the major highlights of any wedding day. The fun begins super early with a large bridal party or an early ceremony and this is the time you are there to offer emotional support, ensure the bride is relaxed and having fun and just 'be there' for whatever needs to be done. So what are the 'whatever needs to be done things?" Apart from being pampered into a bridesmaid with amazing hair & makeup styling, there's little things you can step up and do as a bridesmaid that make all the difference.

Before the morning, liaise with the bride and ask if she would like you to organise some fun activities for in between hair and makeup styling... in my times styling weddings I've found playing a card came like #cardsagainsthumanity or some wedding movies #bridesmaids can be a winning formula. Perhaps getting a mobile nail technician, or a massage could work too. Have a complete pamper session in full swing... ofcourse, with the later timing is essential ... the hair & makeup need to be finished before the photographer arrives (2 prior to ceremony)... so keep the activities realistic. Be around to help with any food preparation, maybe have a surprise cocktail or mocktail recipe and ingredients up your sleeve?


  • Check the brides veil, is it creased? Hang it up in on the back of the bathroom door, turn the shower on and leave the steam to drop the creases

  • Have all tags been cut off from outfits/shoes?

  • Is there any area for the photographer to work in that is clear of mess?

  • Check everyone's makeup, any lip colour touch up required... anyone looking shiny when the photographer is due to arrive?

  • Have the bouquets been removed from water and the bottom of the stems patted down?


The moment of shining glory.. here's the bridesmaids' finest hour ... showcasing the styling of your bride and the beautiful theme she has chosen for her wedding day. A couple of things to think about that can add value as a bridesmaid...

  • Arrange the train for the bride at the start of the ceremony, best position is so that it falls forward to the guests

  • Be ready to receive the bride's bouquet (if you're maid of honour)

  • If there are rose petals for throwing after the ceremony the bridesmaids can quickly hand these out to the guests lining the aisle WHILE THE DOCUMENTS ARE BEING SIGNED. This is the ONLY time you are not required to be in position. Make this a quick and easy execution of going down the aisle, requesting guests take a handful of the petals, and then throw them up (not at) when the couple pass.

  • Check the bride's hair/makeup and add any touch ups when the family pictures are being organised.. you'll have time in between pictures to do a lip touch up and a blot

For the pictures, just be your gorgeous self... assist the bride whenever she needs it and if possible either carry the bride's gown or place it into #louisebyweddingstylist when the location pictures are being taken... this way the gown is saved from too much damage. Oh, the Louise also comes in handy for when the bride needs to go to the ladies room... you will need to assist putting the gown into the Louise, but then the bride can have privacy while she goes to the loo.

It's a fun job being a bridesmaid and you can add so much value to the wedding day experience simply by what you do on the day. You're there to enjoy and assist :)

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