In the world of weddings there are a few genres of wedding photographers, I like to think of The Wedding Stylist as more of an editorial photographer. What differenciates us out and into this area of expertise? Here's a few of the secrets of capturing a wedding with an editorial edge..

A beautiful long lens capture taken on the foreshore of Lorne Beach as Jess and Matthew exchange their vows ... taken from a considerable distance away and using a 300mm lense.
Shot Like a Wedding Journalist


Your camera kit is the key ingredient to ALL photography, obviously, however with the editorial style it is really key to have a few lenses that will achieve a variety of feels throughout your wedding capture. My go to lenses when I'm focusing on getting an editorial result are at the opposite ends of the spectrum. The wide angle 16-35mm and the 70-300mm zoom. (Same shot different lens featured on this post)

Both options have their challenges... the wide angle means everything rounded at the edge of the photo similar to a fish eye lens, so always have your subjects in them middle of the frame. The upside is that this is a flattering angle if shooting from below as the person gets slightly elongated and if you position your angle right the result is extremely flattering!

The long lens will require very steady hands or a tripod. The magnification required to achieve a long lens result also brings with it the challenge of movement as you take the picture. Practise makes perfect on this lens. Upside is that you can be completely out of the way as a photographer, the long lens requires a lot of distance between you and what you're photographing. Let's face it there's nothing more annoying that a pesky wedding photographer around you at all times on a wedding day!


It comes down to that same thing as in every other area of sport or art, the more practise you have the better you will be at being at the right spot, in the right time and with the right equipment. It takes thousands of weddings to be able to capture one seamlessly. Knowing a wedding ceremony inside and out, talking to the celebrant prior to the ceremony and being aware of when you can get creative and when you need to be in a specific spot is essential to nailing an editorial style of capture.


Finally, it comes down to the connection you create between you as the photographer and your couple. A relaxed, natural approach, very gentle direction and a firm understanding that this is not 'your shoot', you are there to capture a beautiful wedding story as it happens is really essential to editorial style photography. Although there are times when direction is required for great results, this isn't the time to start directing like you're on a film set or similar... keep it to a minimum and definitely keep it relaxed and friendly.


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