Some small additions can add a huge difference to how your images look on a wedding day. In this blog we're focusing on the humble #rosepetals


Confetti is definitely a thing of the past, it's extremely rare to see this used anywhere and for good reason - not great for the environment. Rose petals have become the go to and wow what a great result these bring. Such a simple thing to do, yet for both the guests throwing them and for the couple it's a joyous result. Walking back down the aisle through clouds of rose petals is just divine and the expressions from my couples are beautiful.

For your wedding you can ask your florist (or enjoy the included rose petals with The Wedding Stylist) for couple of boxes of rose petals, then have someone hand these to guests seated along the aisle while the signing is being done. #weddingdaytip Explain to throw rose petals up rather than at the couple for optimum results


Sometimes throwing rose petals isn't allowed at the place where you're having your ceremony. Not to worry! We've captured some awesome images with a bridal parties throwing these little beauties. It doesn't matter where this is done, as the background really isn't the focus :)

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