Photographic makeup is always going to be different from your day to day look and wedding makeup is different from a going out look ... your makeup needs to look great in person AND photograph well on a wedding day. To save your photographer endless of hours of editing, the secret to a winning makeup design happens within the first part of a design... the foundation.


A foundation that remains matte throughout the day is going to be far better to photograph than something too luminous or dewy. Yes, these designs are stunning, a great dewy look highlighted and catching light every time you turn your face, however from a photographic perspective, this isn't ideal unless we're in a studio with controlled lighting. Keep it a natural coverage, but a good overall coverage as a foundation. My go to is the tried and true #kryolanaustralia foundation. This is designed to withstand harsh lights of catwalks, studio lights and covers beautifully. I've had brides go and purchase this foundation after the wedding day ! #makeuphack ... I often style the eyes before the foundation (see picture above, no foundation has been applied yet)... this way any product dropping onto cheeks from eye design can be wiped away without affecting the foundation application.


Be on time. Your photographer will arrive a couple of hours prior to the ceremony, THIS is when you need to have your makeup and hair ready for. A great wedding makeup stylist understands the importance of having everyone ready in a timely manner, no stress, a great flow but keeping the timing to meet with commencement of the photographic coverage. To only have a 5 minute bridal portrait session because of a makeup artist running late is just devastating... this is when you want time spent with you... You are looking absolutely stunning, hair/makeup just styled and your beautiful wedding gown looking perfect.


Throughout your day #makeuptouchup is essential. My go to for a touch up is #blottingpaper and having touch up lip colour on the ready. Perfect timing for quick touch ups is just before any family pictures are taken... people will be coming in and out of the pictures.. a bridesmaid can easily apply a little more lipstick and blot off any shine in between pictures. While the main editorial pictures are being done.. just check the lip colour and shine and then prior to walking into the reception you have a bit of time to do a proper touch up. This is when you can add in a little more drama onto eyes if you like, or change the lip colour. #theweddingstylist adds this in as part of their elite booking experience... all the bridal party receive a hair and makeup touch up before the reception. It's so nice to walk into the celebration looking just as great as the start of the day :)

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